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  • Centro de despachos - Lanús Este Margarita Weild 2775. Horario de Atención al Publico: Lun. a Vie. de 9:30 a 12:30 hs y de 13:30 a 16:00 hs.

ATTENTION: WE ARE NOT DISPATCHING BOXES THAT EXCEED 20 KILOS OR LITERS. -------ADDITIVE FOR EXCLUSIVELY COSMETIC USE------- THE DELIVERY SCHEDULE IS MANAGED BY THE COURIER THIS PLATFORM WORKS WITH THE OCA SERVICE OR THE SERVICE CONTRACTED BY THE COMPANY (IT CANNOT BE COORDINATED SCHEDULE, THE DELIVERY ROUTE IS MANAGED BY THE COURIER) PLEASE INDICATE IT IN A SCHEDULE RANGE THE NOTES OUR HOURS OF ATTENTION TO THE PUBLIC ARE FROM MONDAY TO FRIDAY FROM 9 AM TO 12:30 PM AND FROM 1:30 PM TO 4 PM WE ARE ONLY LOCATED IN LANÚS EAST THE INVOICES ARE ISSUED WITH THE INFORMATION ATTACHED PRIOR TO THE PURCHASE, WE ASK YOU TO VERIFY BEFORE MAKING THE SAME, OTHERWISE IT WILL BE GENERATED TO THE FINAL CONSUMER. (WE CANNOT MODIFY THESE DATA) FREQUENT QUESTIONS ______ There is stock? We may not have some publications in stock if you observe that it is gray (it means out of stock) if you observe that there are few units and you want more, you can request it by generating a question to the sales WhatsApp. _______ What are the available forms of payment? Can I pay with deposit or bank transfer? The platform uses only the Mercado Pago service, generating an effective payment coupon by rapipago or pagofacil, debit-credit card. (IF YOU HAVE DOUBTS ABOUT THE PAYMENT, DO NOT MAKE IT, CONSULT US) _______ Do they invoice? If we make invoices A and B, we ask you to read the beginning of the description, which indicates that it is with the INFORMATION THAT YOU ADD BEFORE COMPLETING THE PURCHASE. If you send it by messaging notes or whatsapp IT WILL NOT BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT. Thanks for understanding _________ Are the raw materials you sell used for the manufacture of natural cosmetic products? All our Raw Materials are for Cosmetic and Professional use, they must be handled exclusively under Technical Supervision.

PRODUCT DELIVERY / SHIPMENTS _______ How long does the delivery of my order take? If a shipment is made within the province of Buenos Aires, the delivery time must be managed by placing the postal code prior to payment, the days of dispatch are Tuesday and Thursday. To make the purchase to CABA or GBA the delivery time is from 2 to 7 business days Dispatch days are Wednesday and Friday. (YOU CANNOT COORDINATE SCHEDULE, THE DELIVERY ROUTE HANDLES MESSAGING ONLY) YOU CAN LEAVE IN NOTES IF NECESSARY SOME RANGE OF MINIMUM SCHEDULE 6 HOURS Do you ship to the whole country? Yes, we ship throughout the country, through OCA and LEBBEO (service contracted by the company) Can I track my shipment? If of course you receive a tracking code to the email that I attached prior to the purchase, if you do not receive it, you can contact us so that we can provide you with the information. What if I want product analysis? I had a problem with the product? You can communicate with us through WhatsApp as soon as we will answer you with pleasure. You can request the analyzes with the batch number and date of manufacture to request them from the technical area What happens if I received the broken package? The courier service must be responsible in its due case, it is the buyer's responsibility to make the claim, since it is shipped from our company in perfect condition. Our opening hours in our physical store are from Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. ____ THE PICTURES OF THE PUBLICATIONS ARE ILLUSTRATIVE.

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